Saoghal Bana-mharaiche

Cunntas Beul-Aithris mu Bheatha Muinntir an Iasgaich
ann am Machair Rois

edited by
Seòsamh Watson

Saoghal Bana-mharaiche details the life of the fisherwife and her community through the anecdotes of Bell Ann MacAngus and other Gaelic speakers from the fishing villages of Easter Ross.

In addition to their fascinating and amusing stories, this volume contains a wealth of proverbs and sayings and the sole surviving long poem from the Gaelic dialect of Easter Ross – all edited with skill and care by Seòsamh Watson, who first carried out fieldwork in the area in 1967.

Seòsamh Watson is Professor of Modern Irish Language and Literature at University College, Dublin.

xlv + 226 pp. 2007
ISBN 978-0-9549733-4-6 paperback £11.99