The Journal of Scottish Name Studies

Volume 13

Pictish *pont ‘bridge’ as a place-name element: Pitpointie in its wider contexts
Nick Aitchison

Richard Coates

The Feu Charters of Pittenweem Priory, 1532–1567
Anthony Lodge

Street Names and National Identities
Rex Taylor

Mo-Choe Ahoy! Saintly Sightings at the Water’s Edge?
John Garth Wilkinson


Sofia Evemalm Jacob King (ed.), Scottish Gaelic Place-names: The Collected Works of Charles M. Robertson 1864–1927

Katherin Cuthbertson Guy Puzey and Laura Kostanski (eds.), Names and Naming: People, places, perceptions and power

Bibliography of Scottish Name Studies for 2018
Simon Taylor

Notes on Contributors

County Abbreviations